Find missing kids - The special skills to locate runawaysFind missing kids - The special skills to locate runaways

Often, parental stress and anxiety is significantly relieved as soon as our professional staff becomes involved. As a fully licensed, bonded and insured private detective agency, the staff at Center for Safe Youth has over a quarter-century of experience in the special skills, knowledge and resources needed to find missing kids and runaways. Within minutes of contacting us, you’ll know our clear plan for proceeding. And, just as important, you’ll have the support of someone who cares.

We’ll use a full arsenal of tools to conduct a missing teen search and locate your child quickly and safely…

  • A skilled primary investigator is assigned to work with you and with law enforcement.
  • Our National Director of Investigations provides constant case supervision and liaison with law enforcement when necessary.
  • Our network of agents and resources will support the search, both here and abroad, if necessary.
  • We’ll create a color poster of your child, which can be downloaded directly by law enforcement.
  • New leads will be followed immediately by our mobile investigative team.

We’re ready to start a missing teen search, and to get your family back on a healthy path. Learn more about our experience and abilities to find missing kids or reach us 24 hours a day to get a search underway.